magicfit unique rapid sample response service

success with sampling 
only by magicfit

Present your school an actual finished sample in their desired trim or colourways within 10 days. No messing around with colour matching, fiddly lab dips and cuttings, let them see and feel the finished sample. Get the selection result first time around. Presentation performance, preference!

Only magicfit can produce physical final sample garments at this speed with our unique rapid sample response service. On approval of the sample its just six weeks for delivery of the order resulting from successful sampling.

Because we do not import garments from the far east, this means we are not waiting fourteen weeks for containers to arrive.

magicfit special trim stripes & colour knitwear

  • Preferred Knitwear and Preferred service combine to deliver perfect special garments on time every time.
  • Have any trim colours you wish in any desired configuration on any shade of garment you wish.
  • Minimum orders of only 36 garments and no surcharges.
  • Maximum order lead time of six weeks on made to order, special knitwear (current annual actual average delivery time on special garments is only 5.4 weeks).
  • Special trim garment stock back up service, means you don’t run out of specials.

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