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preferred quality knitwear and service

preferred quality 
only by magicfit

  1. Preferred because, when schools are actually given the choice, the result is always that magicfit knitwear is selected as the schools only preferred knitwear uniform option.
  2. Unique blend of only the best premier quality, ring spun combed cotton and acrylic fibres, made only for magicfit to give the best durability, performance and handle possible. Beware of cheaper imitations using cheaper mainstream blends of cotton/acrylic yarns that result in shade loss and pilling.
  3. Unbeatable garment return rates of 0.006% of garments returned. That’s less than one garment for every thousand sold! Only by magicfit!

preferred service 
only by magicfit

  1. Only magicfit has the best performance levels of delivery and service, manufactured only in Europe to give the fastest lead times and consistency of quality. Our reputation is everything.
  2. Only magicfit has a UK factory stockholding which is backed up weekly by overland truck and air freight deliveries direct from our factory in Europe. Long shipping container lead times (typically 16 weeks from far east countries) do not apply to magicfit.
  3. We are the leading producer of cotton/acrylic knitwear in the schoolwear market with the fastest production lead time performance reputation bar none. All our knitwear is made in Europe only and we do not import garments from the far east and compromise our service and ethical standards - as well as yours.

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Brand Awareness AlertBrand Awareness!

We strongly advise our customers to be aware of cheap imitations as we cannot guarantee the quality that you would normally associate with an official magicfit garment. Read more about brand awareness.